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What makes Portland Wedding DJs different than other DJ services?

Portland Wedding DJs brings a unique combination of experience and freshness to your wedding. We have decades of experience in the DJ booth at weddings, and we have seen wedding trends come and go. What remains a constant is the need for a caring, thoughtful approach to one of the most important events in your life. Anyone can play a few songs during a dance party. Few can make sure your guests don't want to leave and want the party to last forever. And even fewer DJs can help elevate the atmosphere of your event and ensure the memories are lifelong.

With the ultimate combination of the best sound equipment, the largest selection of music, and years of wedding DJ experience, Portland Wedding DJs is your best investment for wedding DJs in Oregon and SW Washington.

I'm ready to book Portland Wedding DJs for my wedding. What is the process?

Once a date and a package are finalized, we will have a conversation with you to determine what type of look, flavor, and feel you envision during your wedding. Small and casual? Large and formal? Lots of slow dancing, country and western vs. the latest pop? These details and more will help us determine how best to assist you and ensure you have an evening to  remember.

Once we have completed this initial consultation, Portland Wedding DJs begins to develop a playlist of music and a basic "run of show" for your wedding. This can include bridal party and family introductions, special dances and ceremonies, and other unique features you might want during the reception. We also work with wedding coordinators and site managers to guarantee no details are left to chance.

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